1. It is an honour to have been asked to talk at this month’s Space North East Cascade event on the . We are very much looking forward to the event and to speaking to the attendees.

    North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence

  2. It has been a pleasure working with Urquhart-Dykes and Lord LLP on the specification of our latest Patent application for our new carbon-dioxide processing system. We are very happy to announce that the application has now been submitted and the development of our proprietary technology is continuing.

  3. We are very happy to be accepted onto the Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project backed by ERDF funding and led by the University of Sunderland and are looking forward to working with the SAM team!

    Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project

  4. We are very proud to announce our acceptance onto the UK Space Agency Leo Programme! We are looking forward to meeting new people and developing our business within the Space Industry.

    UK Space Agency