Our new Carbon Dioxide/Hydrogen Recovery System (CHRSy) is targeted at improving the efficiency and reliability of gas processing in manned space exploration and for processing of atmospheric gases on Mars.

Our CHRSy reactor allows the efficient and reliable continuous processing of CO2, recycling of hydrogen from water electrolysis along with production of oxygen within an off-world life support system. Further applications in processing of atmospheric CO2 on Mars will allow production of oxygen for breathing and carbon-based compounds for use as fuels and in manufacturing.

How do you breathe in space? Use CHRSy to convert waste hydrogen from electrolysis of water back into water for recycling

Oxygen for breathing is produced by the electrolysis of water.

CHRSy combines waste hydrogen from this process with exhaled carbon dioxide to give carbon monoxide and water. The carbon monoxide is vented to space and the water is recycled to the water electrolyser.

CHRSy features:
  • Up to 100% of the water is recycled versus 50% in the current best state-of-the-art Sabatier process
  • Catalyst-free
  • Low temperature and pressure
  • Reduce water resupply payloads by as much as 400kg per person per year

Atmospheric processing on Mars. Use CHRSy to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and carbon monoxide

The Martian Atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide. CHRSy can convert this carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon monoxide. The oxygen can be used for breathing and the carbon monoxide for fuels or chemicals.

CHRSy features:
  • Inbuilt water electrolysis
  • Closed loop (hydrogen)
  • No catalysts
  • Low temperature and pressure
  • Long life span, greater than one year
  • Simple maintenance and servicing